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A sustainable new urban quarter for Sunderland...

Riverside Sunderland is an ultra-sustainable urban quarter being developed in the heart of Sunderland city centre.

A sustainable new urban quarter for Sunderland...

Riverside Sunderland is an ultra-sustainable urban quarter being developed in the heart of Sunderland city centre.

A SUSTAINABLE new urban quarter is rising from the ground in Sunderland city centre, as the city aims to become carbon neutral by 2040.

Located on the former Vaux Brewery site, Riverside Sunderland has attracted over £1 billion to make it one of the UK's first climate positive neighbourhoods, attracting residents and businesses who care about the planet and want to help tackle climate change.

The masterplan for the site - which was unveiled by Sunderland City Council last year - will see 1,000 ultra-sustainable homes developed on both sides of the River Wear, as well as 1 million square feet of office space, creating up to 10,000 highly skilled jobs.

City Plan

And the change is already under way. The Beam - a striking 60,000 square feet office building - has already attracted companies including Ocado, the world's largest online grocer and City Hall and The Auditorium - the final stage of the Fire Station project - will both open their doors over the coming months.

This resurgence of what was once one of the region's largest industrial districts has also attracted eyes from further afield, with financial giant Legal & General announcing plans to invest over £100 million into three Grade A offices on the 33.2 hectare site and Holiday Inn opening a 120-bed hotel overlooking Keel Square, in the heart of the city's Culture Quarter.

"The Beam was a huge statement of intent when we began drawing up plans for Riverside Sunderland and we're absolutely delighted with the impact it is already having on the ever-evolving city skyline," said Cllr Graeme Miller, leader of Sunderland City Council.

"Not only has it helped bring thousands of jobs to the city, but it has also helped breathe new life into this area of the city centre which has for so long been undertutilised and we will continue to put all of our energy and resource into the masterplan, working with the private sector, the Government, and our local and regional partners to achieve our goals."

Riverside Sunderland

Also shaping the city's Culture Quarter, on the edge of Riverside Sunderland, will be Culture House. Developed by Sunderland City Council, city chiefs have teamed up with cultural experts from across the globe to craft their vision for the state-of-the-art library and community hub, with industry commentators already dubbing it 'the UK's best library' prior to it even opening its doors.

The City Council also continues to invest in next generation fibre and 5G connectivity and - having recently been crowned 'UK Smart City of the Year' in the Digital Leaders Awards - has ambitious plans to use its early adoption of 5G to improve communications between citizens and the city and improve the quality of services it provides to residents.

The ambition to create ultra-sustainable, technology-enabled housing has also led to TV architect and Sunderland-born George Clarke connecting to the development. The Amazing Spaces and Old House New Home presenter is part of a passionate group of individuals and businesses driving ambitious plans to provide homes for more than 2,500 people as part of the Riverside Sunderland development. 

Clarke, who is a vocal advocate for high-quality housing design, is working with the council to explore how modern methods of construction and strong design principles can create homes that are truly cutting-edge. The first community of homes will be built by 2023, as part of a multi-million pound transformation programme that will reinvigorate the city centre site.

Speaking about his involvement, he said: "Sunderland's riverside has long been an underutilised asset, and through the new Masterplan, we will see it realise its potential. Homes are only a piece of the jigsaw, offices and leisure spaces are important too, and will create the vibrancy you would expect in a city centre. There will be a renewed sense of activity at Riverside Sunderland that hasn't been experienced for a long, long time. I am thrilled to be part of the team making that happen. It feels like the right people are on board to ensure that Sunderland does something very special here."

Meticulous planning at each stage of the masterplan has also enabled the city to best-use the site's stunning topography and savour its riverside views. From the top of The Beam boasting panoramas of the coastline and the winding River Wear to homes benefiting from access to landscape parks and communal growing gardens.

Sunderland is a city undergoing a transformation not seen in generations and with the backing of both the private sector and the Government, this incredibly bold vision is one that - day-by-day - is becoming ever clear.

For more information on Riverside Sunderland, visit: https://www.riversidesunderland.com/


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