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Intellectual Property (IP) Surgery

Stephen Hawley from the Business & IP Centre North East (BIPC) will be present at the North East Innovations Centre (BIC) on the first and third Friday of every month between 10am-4pm to answer your Intellectual Property queries.

Business & IP Centre North East

Intellectual Property (IP) protects the expression of an idea. When you start and run a business, you are creating IP assets and are likely to use other people's IP too.

There are four main types of IP which protect different notions; often you will be using more than one type in your business.

  • Copyright protects original works, including images, videos, text, sound recordings.
  • Trademarks protect elements of a brand, typically a product name, a logo, a slogan.
  • Designs protect the look of a product.
  • Patents protect a new way of doing something, usually a new invention or production technique.

Book an IP surgery via the link below to better understand how this applies to you and how you can:

  • avoid infringing other people's IP
  • have a better idea of what IP you own
  • take steps to protect your IP assets

To book a surgery click here Business & IP Centre @ North East BIC - North East BIC (ne-bic.co.uk)

Stephen will also be happy to discuss and signpost you towards the other services offered by the Business & IP Centre North East:

BIPC North East - Business & IP Support in the North East

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