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EMCON 2022

Showcases the very best of engineering and manufacturing in the North East and beyond. Thursday 8 September 2022, Xcel centre, Newton Aycliffe

Emcon 2022

Thursday 8 September this year will bring EMCON 22 and once again our business investment team are attending.

It's a great show with a huge proportion of the floor space sold to old and new exhibitors who see the value of investment in the show. This brings the question as to whether such an investment is worthwhile and what would be expected on the day?

Exhibitions are an important way of bringing your businesses products or services to a wide audience in one short period of time. When you consider how much time and resource would be required to reach an audience of hundreds, the costs of exhibiting at such events pails by comparison. That isn't to say that the investment in an exhibition stand shouldn't be viewed as a serious one, you must be prepared and have a list of expectations for the day.

Engineering & Manufacturing Network can support this with pre-exhibition support to ensure that you get the most from your investment, identify targets and create a plan not just ensuring preparedness but also the post show follow up process which is in many ways more important than anything else.

To determine the value of a show its always worth looking at returning exhibitors and EMCON has a fantastic relationship with businesses who have been before and include many who return as a sponsor following success the year before. 

The day itself is a whirlwind of activity including the exhibition itself, side room seminars and a large seminar which is currently in the planning with our partners at AMAP (Sunderland University) and their North East Maintenance Forum.

Visitors to the show include a wide range of buyers, managers and directors from businesses across the wider manufacturing sectors from automotive, process, electronics, plastics, heavy engineering, subcon engineering, cnc, digital ad so on. Service is also well represented with a range of support services included in the day. Engineering & Manufacturing Network endeavour to ensure that as wide an audience is reached and invite along many of our regions Tier 1 and OEM as possible.

Proud of our region and looking to advertise this to businesses who want to engage with the North East having attendees and exhibitors from far and wide, with the show growing in recognition each year.

For more information or to register to attend the event here 

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