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Better Points

Earn rewards for your active and sustainable travel 

BetterPoints Sunderland is a rewards programme for ditching the car and making more active and sustainable travel choices. Residents and commuters to Sunderland can download the free BetterPoints app, track sustainable and active journeys to earn BetterPoints, and BetterTickets to win prizes. BetterPoints can then be redeemed for a whole host of retail vouchers or donated to charities. 

Want to get involved?

Active Travel‍ 

Earn 1 BetterPoint per minute up to 60 points per day by walking, wheeling, cycling, scooting, running or using an eBike or e-scooter in Sunderland. 

Sustainable Travel‍ 

Earn 10 BetterPoints up to four times a day by taking the bus, metro or train for journeys over half a mile in Sunderland. 

How can you redeem or donate your BetterPoints? 

BetterPoints are redeemable for discounts and vouchers. Alternatively, you can donate your points to charity. You can find these in the app under the Redeem or Donate tabs. 

Have a question about the challenge? 

Find out more on the Sunderland BetterPoints website.

Case Studies

Fitness instructor Samantha was a devoted driver for getting to work. That was until the increase in fuel costs made it unsustainable. She needed to find a solution. With the help of the BetterPoints Sunderland challenge, she's now commuting to the gym in healthier and less expensive ways. Samantha said:  

I saw the app advertised on the Sunderland City Council Facebook pages. It caught my attention because I am quite an active person through my job. I thought to myself, 'if I can earn rewards for walking instead and save money at the same time it's a win-win'. 

I'm now walking to work or for leisure trips most days, and if not I'm catching the bus. Fares have recently been capped at £2, so catching the bus is definitely more economical than driving.

I feel a lot happier. I love getting out in the fresh air and going for a walk. It's much better than sitting in a car isn't it?

BetterPoints E-Bike winner Kerry said:

I heard about the app and competition in the Sunderland magazine that gets posted out.

The app is really easy to use and it doesn't require much input from me besides confirming the type of transport I've used to build up my points.

BetterPoints Sunderland definitely makes you more aware of the transport you are using which is a real positive. 

The e-bike is brilliant, I really love it. It's wonderful to ride and less of a strain on me physically with the electric motor. Thank-you!


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