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A Great Place To Live

Visitors and residents understand why Sunderland is a great place to live, boasting a population of 275,000 and home to a community of 12,000 Sunderland University students.

Sunderland is an ultimately smart city, which leads the way when it comes to investment in digital infrastructure. It strives towards a greener, more sustainable future, which seeks to transform its skyline with an unparalleled programme of investment - making it a better and brighter place to live. 

Sunderland is also blessed with miles of beautiful North East coastline, acres of green rolling hills, a bustling city centre packed with bars, restaurants and attractions as well as plenty of cultural and heritage sights to be unearthed. 

An Unbeatable Culture

We have been voted the best place to live for under 30's due to our welcoming culture, career opportunities and residential developments that allow people, families and futures to grow. We are also home to social and cultural beacons such as the Auditorium, the STACK Seaburn and Sunderland's Empire Theatre, which brings the West End to the North East, as well as our much loved Sunderland A.F.C. 

Life in Sunderland is one of the main reasons that our city attracts some of the world's biggest brands, and talent from across the globe. Trade flows in and out of Sunderland's Port while our house prices, natural assets, and offers of leisure activities create an unbeatable lifestyle that balances both life and work perfectly.

Sunderland's ambition for its economic future is matched by its vision for residents and their quality of life. Discover why Sunderland is one of the best places to live.

Why Sunderland is the best place to live

  • Voted 'Best Place to Live for Under 30s' in 2018 in an independent survey by OneFamily

  • Open countryside on our doorstep, with four national parks nearby

  • An annual Sunderland Airshow that attracts more than 1 million visitors

  • Development of a new cultural quarter

  • Flourishing indie music, theatre and arts scenes

  • Historic and cultural sightseeing at every turn

  • Stunning coastline overlooking the North Sea

  • Excellent transport links to city centre and surrounding areas

  • Home to Sunderland AFC

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