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Free Sunderland Wi-Fi

Free Wifi

Free Wi-Fi in Sunderland

Residents and visitors to the city can now enjoy a connection speed of up to 500 Mbps in even more outdoor places, thanks to Sunderland City Council and BAI Communications' free Wi-Fi network expansion.

Our smart city is getting even smarter! We're proud to say that our safe, friendly, ultrafast and ground-breaking Wi-Fi network is here. So, when you're out and about in the city centre or Roker you can like, love, laugh, upload, download, watch and enjoy as much as you like... on us

You're in the zone!

Check out coverage maps to check that you are in the zone! 

City Centre coverage

From City Campus to City Hall, Museum to Mackies Corner, we've got you covered.  Take a look: 

City Wifi Map
City centre Wi-Fi map

Coastal coverage

Whether strolling round the parks, or eating fish and chips overlooking the North Sea, you can check in with friends along the way;

Coastal Wifi Map
Coastal Wi-Fi map

Digital friendly Wi-Fi

Friendly Wi-Fi approved

Free Wi-Fi in Sunderland is certified by Digital Friendly Wi-Fi, the safe certification standard for public Wi-Fi.

Wherever you see the Digital Friendly Wi-Fi logo, you can be confident that the public Wi-Fi service at this location is filtered to meet the minimum levels of protection.

The following content will be automatically filtered:

  • web pages known to the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) that depict indecent images of children
  • adverts or links to such content
  • pornography

This will help prevent children and young people from accessing inappropriate material themselves, and also limit accidental exposure to inappropriate material that others might be viewing on their devices in a public place.


How to connect:

Connecting to our free public Wi-Fi is simple - the network will appear on your device's screen automatically and you don't need a password, just click and go. Search for '_Free Sunderland Wi-Fi' on your smart device


See frequently asked questions regarding our Free WiFi service

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