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See frequently asked questions regarding our Free WiFi service

I'm having problems accessing the Wi-Fi. What should I do?

1)     Make sure that you are in our city centre or coastal coverage zone

2)     Turn your smartphone's Wi-Fi off and back on again

3)     If the problem persists, get in touch with the Sunderland Smart City team


My Wi-Fi is connected but have no internet access. What's going on?

After connecting to the Wi-Fi, make sure you wait for the MySunderland network to appear on your device's screen, so that you can click and go.


How much does it cost to use the Wi-Fi?

Using our friendly and ultra-fast Wi-Fi is completely free!


Why is there free Wi-Fi?

BAI Communications and Sunderland City Council have partnered to bring ultra-fast public Wi-Fi to the people and businesses of Sunderland. It's a key step towards creating a connected, international city with opportunities for all.


Will Sunderland City Council access any of my browsing data?

Your browsing is private, but we will block certain unsafe browsing.


Do I need to give Sunderland City Council my email address?

We won't ask for any personal details from you to access the free Wi-Fi - just click and go!


Is it safe for me to use the Wi-Fi?

Our free city Wi-Fi is Friendly WiFi certified, so that you can surf the web using a service that meets filtering standards. How's that for peace of mind?


Do I need to reconnect to the Wi-Fi every time I use it?

After connecting to our Wi-Fi, you'll be connected across the city - just one click and you're ready to upload, download, watch and enjoy are much as you'd like, on us.

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