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Washington Old Hall

Washington Old Hall is the ancestral home of George Washington, the first president of the United States of America.

Address: The Avenue, Washington, Sunderland, NE38 7LE, Tyne & Wear , United Kingdom
Telephone number: 0191 416 6879
Washington Old Hall

Today Washington Old Hall is under the ownership of the National Trust. The Trust has furnished the property much as it would have been in the 17th century.

The Hall is a popular regional visitor attraction. It is also the destination of many American visitors, who come to see the ancestral home of their first president.

In recognition of the connection with America, the Hall celebrates key festivals and events every year, such as Independence Day. It has links with various American organisations and many American visitors.

The fact that the town of Washington shares a name with the capital of the United States of America is no coincidence. Washington Old Hall is the ancestral home of George Washington's family.

The surviving stone manor house includes parts of the original medieval home of George Washington's ancestors although it was rebuilt in the 17th Century.

On the ground floor you step into the1600s and walk through the great hall, kitchen and panelled room, to discover what life was like for the James family who lived in the hall at that time.

Get a close look at a cookbook written in 1664 and find out what people were eating how food was prepared.

An unexpected room on the first floor was the home of Stanley Bone. From the mid-19th century right up to the 1930s the hall was a tenement, housing up to 9 families. You can stop and listen to some of Stan's memories of living in no.5 the Old Hall. 

Washington Old Hall was saved from demolition by a local teacher, Fred Hill in 1936. His efforts and many other of Washington's stories and characters are brought to life through WASSA, a contemporary art installation in the great hall.  

The garden is small with contrasting elements as you wander through, including a parterre and a nuttery (hazel nut orchard). Nestled in the heart of Washington it is an unexpected and a welcoming escape from the hustle and bustle.

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