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Volunteer in Sunderland

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Volunteering in Sunderland is a great opportunity to lend your skills, time and expertise to the businesses and charity initiatives based in our region. 

Not only can you gain valuable work experience with a host of fantastic organisations, but also rewarding experiences that help teams and real people. Whether you're studying, fresh out of university, retired or simply want new ways to spend your time outside of work, you can find excellent volunteering opportunities in Sunderland. 

Why volunteer?

  • A chance to 'give back' to your community

  • Contribute to a cause or business that you value

  • Building and enhancing your skills and expertise

  • Enhances CV and job applications

  • Meeting new people and making friends

  • Gaining new knowledge and skills

  • Networking and further employment prospects 

How volunteering helps

  • Enriches businesses and local communities

  • Makes a difference to the lives of others

  • Builds confidence and self-esteem for all involved

  • Raises awareness for causes you care about

  • Supports teams where help is needed

  • Supports people and the environment

The Benefits of Volunteering in Sunderland

  • Access to a great local community

  • Building relationships with established businesses in the region

  • Creates connections to our diverse key industries

  • Opportunity to work within the North East's best teams

To find out more about volunteering in Sunderland, speak to our team or explore our listings. 

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